How to Manage Report Tabs

You already know how to attach two reports and now you will know how to manage your report tabs!

A multi-tab report consists of a main tab and sub-tabsAs you can see in this example, from the list of reports, there is a column that indicates the number of tabs in your report and when you click on the "+" on the main tab, the table unfolds to display the sub-tabs.


(Each tab has a different ID. In case of problem on a report, please specify the ID of the tab concerned to the support ;) )

How to manage tabs?

Under report editing you have access to the navigation and tab management menus.

The video below will show you how to:

- Access tab management

- Navigate from one tab to another

- Add an empty tab

- Duplicate a tab and its content

- Rearrange the order of the tabs

- Detach a tab (and find it in the "not classified" list)


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