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The PPC audit tool will retrieve all the actors who position themselves on a selection of keywords on Google Adwords.

'Overview' Tab

The overview of the PPC audit includes different graphs including all the domains ranked on the referent keywords of your audit, detected by our tool.

Advertisers List


Analysis by keywords

  • Keywords appearing above the fold
  • Top keywords containing ads in the premium space
  • Number of competitors by keywords
  • Keywords ranked by number of ascending competitors


Analysis of the page environment


'Ranked Domains' Tab

The "Ranked Domains" tab displays a list of all domains found on your keyword list sorted by traffic with different indicators:

  • average position
  • presence rate
  • ranked keywords
  • traffic

More about indicators

You will also be able to see the ranking of your competitors on the same selection of keywords. Just click on a domain to see the analysis.



'Keyword Groups' Tab

If when creating your audit you made groups of keywords, this tab will provide you with a table with data aggregated by keyword group.

  • Number of tagged keywords
  • traffic max
  • search volume

More about indicators


'Keywords' Tab

This tab displays all the keywords you have audited with different indicators.

  • search volume: average volume, trend, trend variation
  • PPC: number of PPC ads (top or botton)

By default, keywords are sorted by search volume.

More about indicators


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