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Synchronisation and Report Copying Procedure

In this case study, we will go through the synchronisation of your Myposeo data with Data Studio and how to duplicate a report template.

Synchronisation Procedure

On your Myposeo account

First, you need to get your API key available in your account


Google Data Studio

You will then be able to connect to Google Data Studio to add the Myposeo plugin.


Once you have added the Myposeo connector, you need to add your previously retrieved API key to your Myposeo account.



Then the project entity from which you wish to retrieve the data (site, groups of keywords, keywords, competitors), the language of the indicators (French or English) and the aggregation (by day, week, month).


You must then select the Myposeo campaign from which you wish to retrieve the data (all your projects are listed automatically) and finally the site to be displayed.

Then click on "Associate".

Once the connector is set up, you need to add a data source to the report.


Report Copying procedure

1 – Creating your Data Sources

Currently, it is possible to synchronise domain and keywords data.
When creating the source, check that the data type is consistent with indicators.

For example: Number of keywords tracked > Type = Number


2 – Make a copy of the report

From the demo report, you can see that will be able to make a copy.

The report templates are available from the following links:


3 – Sync the Domain and Keywords Sources and Create the Report

You will then be able to sync the “Domain” and “Keywords” data sources, and finally, click on “Create my report”.


Data Studio Synchronisation Tutorial video

Entity & KPIs

Here are the project entities from which you can retrieve data:

- "Site" entity

- "Keyword groups" entity

- "Keywords" entity

- "Competitors" entity

Note :

Entity 'keyword groups'
* All metrics are scalable by keyword groups
Site' entity'
* All metrics are scalable by Device / Engine / Language / Geolocation

The connector contains all the metrics calculated at the :
- Site
- Keyword group
- Keywords
- Competitors

Aggregation and Project Frequency

This article is for users with Weekly and Monthly frequency options for SEO performance tracking.

Depending on your final objective in your report, it will be necessary to configure the aggregation of data at the level of your connector configuration. 

Field: "Aggregation by"


 Here is a table allowing you to understand the possible combinations between the frequency of your source project and the aggregation to be configured in the connector. 

Objective in your dashboard Myposeo project frequency GDS Connector Aggregation
I would like to view Daily data Daily mceclip1.png
I would like to display Weekly data Daily mceclip2.png
I would like to display Monthly data Daily mceclip3.png


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