Add users and admins profiles

Baptiste Hottin -

MyPoseo PRO tool allows to create two kinds of user access : admin access (all tools) & user access (monitored access). Here are the steps to follow.


Step 1: Clic on “Config” icon, select “Users”


Step 2: Once into the “Users” page, clic on the “Add user” button, right under your Consumption count.

Step 3: Enter the mail adress, password and the company name of whom you are creating the account.


Step 4:

- If your goal is to create an admin profile, it ends after the clic “Save an administrator”.


- If your goal is to create a User profile, select “User” as an account type and clic on “Save a user”

You end up on few parameters to monitor, to determine the access to different tools, keywords and credits that your user will be able to use.

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