Why have my scheduled reports been paused?

Myposeo has an automatic mail pause system.

The sending detected by the system are therefore in "stopped" status and this is visible in the list of scheduled reports in the reporting tool > "status" column:




This has been put in place to prevent recipients from receiving empty, erroneous or partial reports.


For what reasons are scheduled reports stopped?

Here are the messages that can be displayed in the interface:

  • Report with inactive blocks
    • Case study: one of your reports contains as a source a tool that is no longer part of the offer. The data is therefore no longer accessible and the block is deactivated. The report must therefore be updated to remove the empty blocks.


  • Report deleted
    • At least one report included in the scheduled sending has been deleted. In this case, you can edit the transmission to delete or change the report. Then simply reactivate the transmission and it will be rescheduled.


  • Report with deleted projects
    • A report can contain blocks from different projects. If at least one project is deleted, then the report is considered to contain blocks in error. You can then update the report and restart sending.


How to identify erroneous reports? 

From the list of reports, you have the possibility to filter on "deleted projects".


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