SEO audit: A New Overview

In your SEO Visibility Audit, we have updated the overview of your project

We will guide you in understanding the data in this overview.

Data from your SEO visibility audit


Trends and audited keyword search volumes


The analysis of the history of the search volumes of your keywords allows you to identify trends or movements in your industry. Spikes or dips can help you seize opportunities to produce relevant content.You can view details in the trend view of the keywords audited.


Search engine results page analysis (SERP)


The analysis of the types of results present in the pages of the search engine allows you to detect opportunities for the creation of your content. This analysis also makes it possible to identify the share of paid results compared to organic results.

Overview of the 10 best ranked sites



The top 10 of the best sites is displayed according to the estimated traffic generated on the keywords of your audit. You can discover the complete list of pranked sites in the "Ranked domains" tab as well as a further analysis according to the different indicators proposed.

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