Display Options in Custom Report Tables 5/5

Last, but definitely not least, the fifth part of our series of explaining the Display Options available on Custom Report tables is here!

In a customised report, you have the opportunity to build a keyword table with your choice of key features and options that best suit your needs. You can sort your table according to these options and indicators.

As you can see below, the table shows keywords and indicators are displayed in no particular order. Let’s say that you want to rank your keywords by search volume, you can ‘sort’ your table in this format and make it a default setting.

capt 1

In the configuration block, go to the ‘insert’ option on the right.

capt 2

Then click on the “Sort data” field to display the various options you choose to sort your data by.


Select the feature you wish to sort your data by, in our case, we would choose the ‘Search Volume’ feature.

Next, you need to define the order in which you want to sort your data, “Descending” to display the highest value at the top of our table, for example.

Save this and voilà! Your keywords are now sorted by Search Volume as you can see below.


If you made it this far, congratulations! You now know how to sort your Keywords by any feature you wish to see in your data tables.

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