Display Options in Custom Report Tables 3/5

The third part in our series of explaining the Display Option on Custom Report tables is now available here!

A quick tip to show you how to display various Universal Search (US) icons while building your data table in a report.


You are configuring you custom report.

Chose the “table” visualisation option, a second dimension “keywords”, and the “position” indicators.

Where is this option?

Once the “position” indicator has been selected, click on the pen icon. The indicator options are then displayed.


1/ If you select the “Show universal search icons” box, these icons will be displayed in the table.


1/ If you uncheck the “Show universal search icons” box, these icons will not display in the table.


Please note: If your campaign does not already track Universal Search Results, it will not be possible to display these icons in a table. Your campaign must be tracking Universal Search Results for this feature to work.

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