Audit configuration and analysis of Competitive Ads

The Adwords or PPC tool maps out the online competition on your keywords. Two features to bear in mind when using this tool:

  • The Audit is done from a list of keywords you have chosen
  • You define the analysis period within which the audit should be carried out, according to your needs.

The results of the audit includes:

– Overall

  • A full list of competitors
  • Competitors’ presence rate on the SERPs
  • Competitors data trends
  • Distribution of ads ranking physically

– By Competition : A report of competitor activity during the audit includes:

  • Average keyword ranking
  • Presence rate
  • Number of keywords ranking
  • Estimated budget

A detail analysis of all keyword aspects(position, prsence rate, volume, CPC, estimated traffic), all ad features (content, position, presence rate) is conducted.

In this example below, we will focus on how to uses the data collected from keywords and competitor’s PPC ads and analyse their content, format and performance.

Go to your Myposeo Admin area.

Adwords Audit configuration

1. Select Visibility Audit on the left- hand side menu bar, and then on PPC Visibility Audit


2. Click on New > Set up Audit


3. Name your audit. To identify your projects, you can assign a label to them

4. To organise your work, you can assign your project to a group.


5. Select the search engine you want to audit and the time period.

  • Start Date
  • End date

6. Select the frequency of data collection


7. You can enable or disable the “Adtest” setting. The adTest activation allows you to prevent impressions from being counted when scanning the search engine

8. You can choose whether or not to include the Google Shopping results


Click “Next step”.

9. Enter your keywords

You have several options:

  • Download the example file in CSV, it is encoded in UTF-8 format (Please make sure you keep this format) enter and specify the ad groups / expression groups / engine configuration combinations.
  • Create groups: For example e-commerce sites are organised by product categories (carpets, lighting etc.)
  • Put your keywords directly in the dedicated field, separated by comma, semicolon or line break

10. Select the search engine

11. The type of device – Desktop / Mobile

12. The city in the case of a local audit

13. Click on Create Project

Please note: You will be notified how much credit will be used before starting your audit.


Once your PPC audit has been created, you are redirected to the list of Audits in your account, a progress line shows the progress of your audit.

Analyse of the PPC Ads Competition  with your PPC audit

When your audit has been completed:

1. Click on the name of your audit


You will be redirected to a graph and a list of all competitors ranked on the keywords selected in your audit, and detected by our tool.

2. Go to the Ranked Domains tab and click on the domain of the competitor whose Google Adwords ads you want to analyse.


3. Click on the “Ads” tab

This page displays all the competitor’s Adwords ads which have been found during the audit based on the keywords entered for the Audit.


By default, the tool displays all the ads found, which may become tedious to sort in large volumes. You can therefore filter the ads according to a keyword to see only the corresponding and relevant ads. You can also rank them according to their performance (position, presence rate etc.)


To conclude

Myposeo delivers all PPC ads that your competitors used during the audit period, the types, content, ranking and presence rates.

This information is available for all competitors found. It provides valiable insights on the advertising strategies your competitors are using.

You can now use you competitors’ ad formats and content as inspiration to create your own or differentiate yourself from them to stand out from the competition.

Happy Analysing!

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