Show competitive landing pages on a common keyword

In this case study, we will assume that you have already added a competitor to your PPC Rank Tracking campaign, this feature will not work until a competitor has been added. To add a competitor to your Rank Tracking campaign, please visit our ‘’PPC Tracking Help’’ page.

Understanding what your competitors offer to users on common search queries can be very useful to you.

1. Click on the “PPC Rank Tracking” tab
. Select your project
3. Click on the arrow next to your project name and select the websites whose data you want to see


4. Click on the Pages tab and search for the keyword that’s landing pages you want to see. You can also do this on keyword groups that you have been previously created. You can access these keyword groups from the Groups tab.


In the example above, to find the pages that rank for the expression “air max“. Select the tab “Pages”. This allows you to quickly access your competitors’ landing pages from a keyword or keyword group, and assess the number of landing pages that rank on these keywords, or compare the content of each. Keep in mind that by putting in place various indicators, you can always be informed about the traffic and estimated budget of these pages.

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