How to Compare SEO Rankings on Desktop vs Mobile?

If Mobile represents a significant part of your traffic and/or of your turnover (check Analytics), it might be interesting for you to track the positions of your keywords (and those of your competitors) on this device. You can track your keywords on Mobile by choosing the following options:

  • on an existing desktop track campaign
  • by the creation of a mobile and desktop track campaign

Add a Mobile Extension into your Existing SEO Campaign Tracking

You do not need to re-create a campaign tracking project if you want to monitor the positions of keywords on a mobile device, that are already being monitored on an existing campaign on desktop.

Select the project containing the keywords you want analysed for their mobile positions and go to the “keywords” tab.


Once you have selected the keywords, go at the bottom of the page to the “action” box. Select “Duplicate” and confirm.


A new window will appear showing the keywords to be duplicated. In the search settings, select the Mobile device option and click “Save”.

Please note: The number of duplicate keywords will add to your consumption allowance. For example, if 4 keywords are added, your consumption allowance will decrease by 4 keywords.


After adding the keywords, a calculation of the positions of those keywords is conducted in real time.

To compare your desktop and mobile positions, click on the “Device” tab.


Setting Up a Tracking Campaign on Desktop and Mobile

When creating an SEO Rank Tracking campaign, you have the option to choose your devices- Mobile, Desktop or both. Go to ‘settings’ to learn more about these monitoring or auditing specificities.

The tool selects Desktop as the default device.


Click on the “Add search engine” button, choose “Mobile“. Then confirm the project.


Note that calculation of the SEO rankings multi-devices is available for our PPC tracking tool (Adwords) and for our audits tools.

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