Keyword Suggest

The Myposeo keyword Suggest Tool was developed for three reasons: 

  • To find keyword ideas: for writing content pages
  • To identify SEO niches: keywords with little competition
  • Increase my traffic: by targeting strategic keywords

How does it work? 

The first step is to launch a search by entering a phrase or a keyword in the search bar provided. 



At this point, the tool will display a list of keywords or phrases related to your initial query.

The second step is therefore logically to look through the suggestions displayed to identify the best opportunities. 


You can then:

  • Filter by columns according to your wishes by playing with the proposed indicators
  • Use the advanced filters option
  • Then finally select the expressions corresponding to your needs.

The third step comes once you have selected your keywords, you can now export these data via the export feature in several formats (CSV, TSV, Spreadsheets ...). 

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