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Building an effective list of keywords is an important first step in defining your editorial strategy. The importance of separating your keywords into groups or semantic universes allows you to prioritise the optimisations to be made on your site. 


The first step is to create a Keyword Master selection and add keywords to it. 


How do I create and add keywords to my Keyword Master selection?

When you enter the Keyword Master tool, click on "Create a selection" and then give it a name. 


You are now presented with an empty selection. 

Now you have to add keywords to this selection. 


As with other Myposeo tools, there are several methods of adding keywords but here we will only discuss the manual method of adding keywords (for more info on adding keywords via import file:




Enter one or more keywords (one rule: one expression per line), note that you can very well copy and paste a list of keywords from an Excel file. 

Don't forget to choose a language for your keywords. 


Once you have completed the step of adding keywords, you can then choose whether or not to assign these keywords to a group.


Next comes the option to expand the list of keywords, you can choose to check several methods (related queries, auto completion etc...). Thus, the tool will collect terms associated with the keywords you have added. 

These associated expressions will be added to the pending keywords: they are not yet part of your selection. You must therefore select them and add them to your selection. 





How do you collect search volumes for the keywords in your Keyword Master selection?

It is interesting to retrieve the search volumes associated with the keywords in your KW master selection. On the one hand to see which terms perform best, and on the other hand to remove those with zero search volumes.

There are two ways to collect search volumes: 

  • When adding keywords: in step 4 you can collect search volumes for the keywords you have just added. 


Overall, when you click on "Add/Manage




Note that depending on the number of keywords for which you are going to search volumes, the collection time may vary.


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