Dashboard – Manage Axes’ Display on Charts


New feature in the custom report tool.

You can now customise the names of the axes on different graphics. From the report edit mode, click on the advanced settings of the chart block.

From here you can access KPI display options and see this new field :

customise axis name

What can you do now?

By ticking the checkbox, a field appears that you must fill in with a name of your choice. It will then be displayed directly on the graph.

custom axis name

Why is it important?

This feature may seem small at first, but it has the makings of a big one! Indeed, Myposeo indicators are categorised, by default, by entities i.e. indicators relating to SERP data, keywords or results are put in the same categories.

These categories are then used to create the axes of graphs, but in some cases this can be restrictive.

Example 1:

When KPIs used to create a block are grouped by default under the same category but the differences between the indicator values are important.

Below is an illustration of this kind of case.

On the first graph, the KPIs are on the same scale but the values of the 1st KPI are 10x higher. The variations of the second indicator therefore seem small.

On the second graph, we have customised the axis of the second KPI. The scale of the axis then adapts to the values of the series and the evolution is much clearer.

Comparison same and custom axis

Example 2:

When the global volume keyword indicators tracked and the volume of the keywords ranked which are by default in different categories.

In the graph below, we have illustrated the evolution of the Weighted Average Position (WAR) in contrast with the evolution of the volume indicators.

In the first graph, 3 axes are displayed making it difficult to read the data.

In the second graph, the volume indicators are grouped on the same axis and thus this new feature makes this type of data visualisation more readable.

Comparison same and custom axis_01

Do not hesitate to contact us on the online support, we will be happy to help you set up your reports.

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