Graphic redesign of the tool


We are pleased to announce that a graphical redesign of the tool is in progress and will be deployed gradually.

We are starting this update with a new sidebar and top bar.

New sidebar

The new sidebar is present in all tool views. The sidebar will open when you hover over it and freezes by you click on the “burger menu”.


Some tools have had their names slightly modified for a better understanding of their usefulness:

  • Audit = Visibility audit
  • Tracking = Rank tracking
  • SEM analysis = Market analysis

Lightweight top bar

Some icons on the topbar have been removed or moved.

  • The News icon, which was present on the top bar, has been temporarily removed. You can still access the latest news and updates on the homepage.
  • The preference management is now accessible at the bottom left of the sidebar (API, Users, Account Settings) and no longer in the top bar.


Other graphic evolutions will be deployed in the coming months.

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