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For those who would have missed it, this article aims to introduce you to some very practical new features when it comes to exporting dashboard data for use in a spreadsheet program or for presentation in slides or other presentations.

Where can I find these new features?

In your dashboard reports, when you move the mouse over a graph you will find a menu (3 vertical points) at the top right of the block:


You previously had the following options:

  • Full screen: As its name suggests, this allows you to display the graph over the entire size of the browser window
  • Export to PNG: Export the graph in PNG image format
  • Export to CSV: This allows you to retrieve the raw data in CSV format and thus process these data in a spreadsheet or other format

Here is the rendering for the example of the graph above:

export csv du graphique donuts

And the new features:

  • Copy the image to the clipboard => Allows you to quickly copy/paste the graphic image from your dashboard to your presentation or email.
  • Copy data to clipboard => Allows you to quickly copy/paste raw data.

New features for tables:


You already had the possibility to export the table data to CSV and now you can too:

  • Copy the rendering to the clipboard => This copies the HTML of the table and thus the style and data are copied. You have the same rendering in your presentation slide
  • Here is an example of how to use it, very useful to copy/paste your table in Google Slide and then edit it

rendu html tableau


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