Tracking SEO: Management of group and keyword relations


New small feature to save time in the management of keyword groups.

You can now add and remove keywords from your groups.

For that it is very simple! Go to the SEO tracking tool in the “Keywords” > “Ranks” view


As a reminder, you have 2 choices to perform an action:

  • Column on the right of the data table = Action on a single keyword
  • Bottom menu that appears when you select at least one keyword = Action on a selection



To manage group and keywords relations, you can choose from

– Add group relations = add your keyword to one or more groups of keywords

– Delete group relations = remove your keyword from one or more groups of keywords

After choosing your action, a popin will then appear. You will need to tick the groups for which you want to add or remove relations between groups and keywords.
Feel free to request online support if you need more information.
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