Featured Snippets changed support in the tool


New in the Myposeo tool

Results of type : Featured Snippets (Pos 0) are now collected and processed in our tool as a Universal Search (UR) result.

What’s a Featured Snippet?

A “featured snippet” is a block at the top of the SERP that contains an optimized extract of a page. It contains part of the response extracted from a website, as well as a link to the page, the page title and the URL.



Until now, we collect Featured Snippets by default by including them in your site’s positioning.

Following numerous requests from our users who wished to have the choice to include them or not in their positioning, we added Featured Snippets to our universal search results. Thus, you will be able to decide like images, videos, News, addresses… to take them into account in your tracking of positions.

To collect this type of results for your site, you will need to check the corresponding button in the advanced settings of your SEO Tracking campaign.

Note: Search result handling (now including Featured Snippets) is enabled by default.


Featured Snippet results will be indicated with this icon in the tool:


If you need more information on this subject, do not hesitate to ask us your questions on the online support.

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