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New in the Myposeo tool

Myposeo supports PAA

Since November 22,2017, a new type of results has appeared in Google: People Also Ask (PAA).

This new type of universal search result corresponds to a series of questions related to the original query.

Example for the “Comment être bien référencé ?” query:


Myposeo allows you to track your positions in this PAA block.

Please note that we only collect the results displayed by default on the SERP.

This box behaves like this: when a user clicks on a question, Google adds 2 more questions, these 2 positions will not be collected.

To track your positions in the PAA block, you will need to take universal search results into account when creating a project.


PAA results will be indicated with this icon:



If you need more information on this subject, please do not hesitate to ask us your questions about online support.

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