New project creation window


Now, when creating a project, a pop-up is displayed in full screen. It allows you to configure your campaigns and audits via several steps to validate.

Example of creating an SEO rank tracking campaign:

step 1: add the main url of your campaign
step 2: Add keywords
Step 3&4: Synchronize Google Analytics & Search console accounts (optional steps)rank-tracking-creation-seo

By clicking on “Advanced Settings” you access the creation of campaign groups, universal search, collection frequency (for accounts with the option) and page depth of your analysis.


The addition of keywords and search engine parameters can be done in 4 different ways adapted to the different needs of users:

1/ Free field: Allows you to quickly add keywords without thematization

2/ Group: With this mode you can organize your keywords by theme

3/ CSV file: In order to carry out a massive import of keywords you have the possibility to fill in all parameters of your keywords via the pre-formatted import file.

4/ Other tool: With this feature, you import directly the list of keywords of another project from your account, whatever the tool (audit or rank tracking) and while keeping the groups.


By clicking on “Configure Google Analytics” you can synchronize your Google account and add up to 10 indicators from Google Analytics. And then add a Search console account.

If you would like to synchronize only Google Search Console, you must click on “Ignore this step” and you will be able to synchronize this account to your campaign.


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