Refonte of data display boards


After a complete redesign of the interface, you noticed that the display of one table per keyword group had disappeared.

This choice was made to offer you an optimized display of the keyword position view by separating the keyword overview and the data table.


Why this approach?

We are constantly confronted with the problems of loading your data into browsers.
In order to optimize the loading times and allow the display of campaigns containing several thousand keywords we have made a development in 2 phases:

1 – Migration of the technical platform

We migrated the technical platform at the end of last year, which also enabled us to propose a new type of detailed follow-up campaign that collects all the positions of the analyzed pages.


2 – Redesign of the interface and structural redesign of the data tables

Now a single list is loaded to display your keyword positions. You can filter by group or display one view per group within the same table.


By clicking on this checkbox, the table displays your groups and the keywords that are tagged there.



We are continually working to improve our tools. Optimization and new features are to come.

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