Evolution of the temporality of data in your customized reports


ga-temporalite-mois-newfoncIt is essential for advanced users that they can customise the data analysis period and schedule monthly reports corresponding to the exact number of days of the month.

For this reason, myposeo has implemented an update regarding the display of data on a relative date.

For example, a user wants to receive a report monitoring its previous month’s SEO on the 1st of each month:



Users wanting to set up dates in relative mode could only do it by choosing a number of days.

In our example, they would have had to change the number of relative days each time the month changed.

So it was impossible to automate the monthly report precisely.



The user can now select the period of their report in number of days, weeks or months.

Logically, a “week” is 7 days. For a “month” it should be understood that for a temporality of -1 month, the number of days subtracted will be equal to the number of days of the month preceding today’s date.

In the case of a temporality of +1 month the number of days added will be equal to the month after today’s date.

So, going back to our example, the user can now create a program for their monthly report and the data will correspond exactly to first and last day of each month.

Feel free to give us your feedback on this new feature.

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