Evolution on all a board’s indicators


The “board” visualisation allows selection of any indicator and to display it on a board, for one date or for two dates. Previously, you were able to select the “evolution” indicator that displays meet cougars the positioning evolution between the two selected dates. However, the evolution was not available for all the other indicators and it is this problem that we solved on this updat

How to select the evolution of an indicator?

Go to editing a block. Select “board” and add the desired indicator. After addition, a “configuration” icon will appear.


When you click on it, you will notice that you can select the display of the indicator in several different forms:

  • First date: display the data of the first calendar date
  • Last date: display the data of the last calendar date
  • Two dates: display the data of the two calendar dates
  • All dates in the interval: display of the data of all dates in the interval between date 1 and date 2

If you check “evolution to be displayed”, you will have an evolution between the two dates that will be available in your board!

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