Redesign of the programming management of your reports


The report programming management reports could quickly become tedious when a user managed a lot of sites. To respond to this problem, this Thursday our developers implemented a new version of the tool.

A global overview of reports

Before, in order to edit a report, users had to go to each report, click the edit mode and change the settings:

If you had a lot of reports to change then you had to go to each one to edit and change the general settings, which could take a lot of time. This is why we have developed a view that lists all reports, allowing you to have a global overview of all reports that are scheduled to be sent. This is accessible from the reporting interface by clicking the “Send Reports” tab:


Practical new features

We have made the most of these changes to bring you the following new features:

  • Multi-report mailing: You can send up to 4 reports at once
  • Multi-format mailing: you can send a PDF & CSV report in the same e-mail
  • Sending reports + archiving to server: Send by e-mail and automatically archive to an FTP server of your choice
  • Report template: Save your send/FTP settings and then find them again to create a new mailing in 1 click
  • Mailing overview: 1-click to view the e-mail that will be received by your contact
  • Send test report: Send your report by e-mail in order to check its contents before final programming

Note that report programming can still be done from the report publishing interface. When a report has been programmed it will be visible in the mailing list.

We hope you will be happy with all these changes. Please note that many other developments will be available soon.

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