Creating customized dashboard templates


A new report update has recently been published with regard to templates. This evolution allows us to terminate a series of developments that have been planned on our reporting tool for several weeks: graphic redesign, mailing programming and report templates. Let’s look at how this new module works.

When you create a report, there are three choices available:

  • Creation from a default template
  • Creation from my templates
  • Creation from a blank report

Assuming no model has been created for the moment, we are going to create a blank report.

After having composed the desired report, click on the “create a model for this report” button which you can see on the action bar:


After entering a name and description, your template bbwsdatewebsites is created and is available in the tool’s template list:

liste-modeleLet’s go back to step 1 and create a new report as seen previously. You should see your template in the “My Report Templates” tab:

modele_rapportSelect your tool, your project and your site, and the report is automatically created for the site in question:


This template can be used endlessly on all your projects, allowing you to gain significant time when generating reports. Note there are 2 important limits on the templates:

  • Project filters are not saved (e.g., specific keyword filters – you can’t save them because if the project changes the keywords do too!)
  • A template limits the creation to blocks from the same tool. If blocks from several tools are created in a report, it will not be possible to save it as a template.

The review of this update aimed at users generating multiple reports is now complete. We hope it will help you to optimise the time you spend on managing and sending reports. There are other reporting developments on the way and we will contact you very soon about these innovations.

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