Volume trends of Keyword Lists by Channels

Myposeo’s Reports module displays the trends of your keyword list in terms of search volumes and traffic over 12 months.

A keyword trend analysis will allow you to identify the existence of seasonality trends in your industry which can greatly help with allocation of resources in specific months.

Peaks in search traffic during certain times of the year indicate the existence of seasonality. The Reports module helps you identify this and allows you to take action like setting up SEO efforts and marketing strategies to capture opportunities during these times and take advantage of seasonality trends.

evolution-volumeYou can also display these trends by channel :

  • Subjects/ Topics


For example, analysing trend variations on topics will allow you to identify which topics in particular have seasonal patterns. Once identified, you’ll know which keywords you should exploit to optimise your SEO strategy.

  • Device


On the graph above, we can see that search volumes are higher on desktop, indicating that users prefer to search these particular queries on desktop over mobile, making you rethink the investment put into mobile and redirect it to desktop.

  • Location


Here, the analysis of search trends by location highlights the countries with the most potential in terms of SEO, thereby guiding your strategy.

  • Localisation


A trend analysis by city lets you optimise your PPC campaigns according to localities

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