“List of projects” Customised View


You can currently filter the list of projects you have in one, or multiple pre-configured groups. However, when you come back to the list, you have to reconfigure your filters all over again.

Time consuming right? We think so too.

That’s why we updated it! So now your filter will be saved in the user-specific display preference.

You’ll therefore be able to display the groups of projects that interest you without having to reconfigure the filters over and over again.


This is a great tip for SEO agencies for example, that have about 50 managers – each with their own filter configuration preferences since you don’t work on the same clients. 

It’s interesting to configure the project lists in such a way, that you see only the groups that interest you without having to reconfigure the list each time.

For example : 1 project group per project manager or 1 group per client

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