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Taking into account the Universal Search results sections in the calculation of ranking on the SERP is super important as it can have a significant impact on your ranking. Myposeo considers Universal Search (US) result links to be links that users can always choose to click over your own, and therefore believe they should be counted when calculating your position on the SERP.

After the “Recipes” block, we have recently added the “Find Results On” section to detect more links within this section

When searching locally, Google displays a “Find Results On” section. This is generally situated above the fold (no scroll required). If your website can rank within this section of the results page, it will guarantee direct visibility to users.


Source seroundtable on search request “Asbestos removal halifax uk”

You can choose to take the results from the “Find Results On” section into account when creating your Rank Tracking project or setting up your Audits, under the Advanced Settings section.


And this is how these rankings appear in an SEO Rank Tracking project alongside the associated icon.


Please note that you only have to click on one icon to see the table showing the icon and what they represent/ their descriptions.


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