SEO Tracking – Extracting the People Also Ask Section


We have a new feature in the SEO Rank Tracking module (already available in the SEO Visibility Audit module).

To allow you to quickly identify the most frequently asked questions by Google, from now on Myposeo will allow you to extract all questions from the People Also Ask type of results.

To recall, the PAA (People Also Ask) type of result refers to a compartment with a series of questions related to an initial query made on the search engine.


How does it work?

When creating a campaign, check the People Also Ask box, under Universal Search’s advanced settings


Once you have completed configuring your campaign, you will be able to immediately visualise ALL the questions asked by Google on the SERPs and identify the keywords that trigger them.

Indeed, the platform will scrap the results page and extract all the questions on the keyword list that you have entered.


Why should I use it?

The PAA block is becoming more and more common in organic positions. Your domain may be ranked below these and therefore, may receive less clicks (please note that this feature correlates with the Pixel Ranking KPI. Being an SEO winner and ranking in positions 1 to 3 is not synonymous with good visibility).

It’s interesting to extract these PAA questions as it allows you to find opportunities to rank in this type of results.

Indeed, you will see which are keywords are triggering such PAA questions which will give you insight and therefore find ideas for topics (or opportunities to optimise existing topics) that will help you rank your domain in these blocks.

You will also see the landing page associated with the PAA. Analysing this page, with our SERP Explorer (available in the ToolBox), will allow you to find the best practices (tags used) to incorporate in order to rank your domain in the People Also Ask section.

Feel free to contact our online support team for any questions, we will be happy to help you.

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