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We have added a new view in your SEO rank tracking tool.

From now on, under the Competitors tab, you will have a “Competitors Overview”. By default, this summary will display all the sites that you have added to your project with different graphics.

It quickly provides you with an overview of the competition on identified keywords. Especially the competitors who are most often present and those who manage to capture the most traffic on specific keywords identified.

This is how you understand the data displayed in this overview.

Top 10 Competitors

This graph shows you the visibility of the competition in one quick look:

  • Y-axis: Presence rate which corresponds to the number of keywords ranked/ number of keywords tracked
  • X-axis: Weighted Average Rank (WAR) by the value of the volume of keyword searches. Please note that a well-ranked keyword with 0 volume will have less weight in the average position.

Finally, the size of the bubble corresponds to the estimated traffic (calculated by taking into account the CTR of the rank and the value of the volume)

image (1)

Top Competitors Tracked – Evolution of Share of Traffic

This graph lets you observe in detail, the share of traffic for each competitor i.e. which estimated traffic is captured in relation to the estimated maximum traffic of the SERP.


Top Competitors Tracked – evolution of the Weighted Average Rank (WAR)

With this graph you will see the evolution of the WARs over time for each competitor.


Top Competitors by Rank on Pages 1, 2 & 3

This graph represents the proportion of keywords ranked per results page, by competitor.


Top Competitors- Distribution of Ranking in Google’s Rich Results

Here, you have the top 10 competitive sites tracked and ranked according to the number of keywords that rank in the rich results within Universal Search Results (US): images, news. Addresses, videos, Featured Snippets (FS) and People Also Ask (PAA) sections.

Top 10 Competitors according to the Number of Pages Ranked in the SERP

Top 10 competitor sites tracked and ranked according to the number of pages ranked on the search engine results pages (SERP).


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