Configuring Table Displays


Dear Myposeo users,

As you can tell, our interface has been updated recently and this is just the beginning!

Beyond the redesign of the superficial and ergonomic aspects of the interface, there are new features too!

Today, we want to draw your attention to the new display modes of your data table, that we offer:


Pagination Mode

A classic, needless to say. Simple and Efficient!

Table behaviour in Pagination:

  • Allows you to scroll on the page
  • The table header is fixed
  • Displays 25 to 500 items

Infinite Scroll Mode

Ideal on a large screen, it loads and displays data tables of more than 100,000 lines easily.

Coupled with the side navigation bar, divided by group. You can quickly navigate to your keyword groups.

  • In this mode, the scroll on the page is disabled. You can scroll through the table and the lines corresponding to the keyword group freezes under the header to indicate which group you are currently in. With the navigation sidebar divided by group present, it makes it easier to navigate within groups.

infitnite scroll

Full Screen Mode

Make the most of your screen size and work as though you’re in a standard spreadsheet.


The ‘Pagination’ and ‘Infinite Scroll’ modes are saved in you default preferences for each project.

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