Suggesting keywords from the Search Console

Presentation of the new keyword suggestion module!

In order to refine the visibility measurement of your site, you must necessarily follow a corpus of keywords as complete as possible.

Users with a Myposeo Pro or Agencies offer can synchronize their SEO tracking projects with the Google Search Console.

In this way, we can identify keywords from this source that are not yet tracked and suggest them to you as a suggestion to add to your project.

How do I access this feature?

First of all, your project must be synchronized to the Search Console: synchronization procedure

Within an SEO tracking project, you can add keywords by clicking here:


Then a popin appears with various possibilities to add keywords, including suggesting keywords from our internal database.


And now the suggestion from the Search Console.

This list filters the keywords that are already added to your project. This way you can select only those that you consider relevant.

It is possible to sort by Clicks or Impressions.

suggest GSC

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