Brand keywords and non-brand keywords dimension


We are pleased to unveil a brand-new functionality that will delight more than one of you!

It will enable you to:

  • Easily tag brand keywords as part of an SEO monitoring project
  • Proportion KPIs according to the brand keywords and the generic keywords (non-brand) of a project.

Indeed, it is always relevant to measure and observe your positioning on generic keywords and to compare them to brand keywords.

To configure your brand keywords, go to your project edition at stage 3, “Advanced settings”.


Click on “Configure brand keywords” and you can then fill in differentiation criteria between your brand keywords and generic ones.


NB: Please note that where several rules are applied simultaneously, the operator logic is “OR”
As an example:


If you want to update a project for which you have already configured brand keyword tags, you must allow for the fact that the default response will be to add new rules to the previous ones.

If you want to differentiate brand keywords in a different way, you must tick the following box:

Once your rules are validated, you will be redirected to the “positions” view of your project. To visualize your brand keywords, you can create a data filter like this:brand-generic-keywords

You can find your tagged keywords with the ® on the data tableau:

Now let’s see how to use this functionality in your personalized reports.

After having added your brand keywords tags in your monitoring project, go to the personalized report tool at the block publishing stage.

Here is a simple example of the graphic evolution of a site’s weighted average position. With the KPI proportioned by brand and non-brand.

In the configuration of the block, add the secondary dimension “Brand” and you will see the two curves.


Here is a graph of weighted average position based on your differentiation of brand keywords and non-brand keywords.


Don’t hesitate to consult our online support if you need any further information.

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