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Have you synchronized your SEO Tracking with Google Analytics?

Here are some tips to help you exploit the traffic source dimensions offered within your dashboards.

For users with access to the Myposeo custom reporting tool, it is possible to configure blocks to compare or size your KPI’s Analytics by traffic source.

To create a table for sizing your sessions by traffic source, here are the different steps:

  1. Add a block
  2. Choose an SEO monitoring project
  3. Configure an analysis period
  4. Choose the appropriate graphic format (in the example: Table)
  5. Add the session KPI for example
  6. Add the dimension “Source of traffic”.



Let’s see here how to configure a graph in superimposed bars allowing to compare, in a very fast way, the total sessions and the sessions coming from search engines.

NB: it is actually a question of displaying on a graph the value of the KPI (sessions) dimensioned on a traffic source (SEO = search engine) and comparing it with the value of the KPI as a whole. It is therefore important to check the checkbox to display the value of the main dimension.



Feel free to contact us on the support if you encounter any problems in the advanced configuration of the blocks.

To find out how to synchronize Myposeo and Google Analytics, visit our dedicated page.

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