New Indicator: The PerfRank


We are pleased to announce the release of a totally new performance indicator known as the PerfRank.

This came about from a request from one of our special users who we subsequently worked with closely to develop this indicator. We hope that this new KPi will pique your curiosity and spark your interest.

So what exactly is the PerfRank?

The PerfRank is an indicator ranging from 100 to 1 that allows you to rate your ranking performance according to the number of relevant searches made. 1 is the best score and 100 is the worst which is normal as we always like to aim for first place! Let’s illustrate this in an example with a sample of 10 keywords and their search volumes (fake volumes, I would like to clarify.) In the first case below, my website ranks well for keywords with large search volumes. My PerfRank is close to 1, so it’s performing well.


In the second example, my website is poorly ranked on high volume keywords. You can see this time that the PerfRank is closer to 100 despite the very good ranking on low volume keywords. The score easily identifies bad ranking on “big” keywords.


As you will have seen, this indicator reveals the performance ranking on keywords according to their search volumes. The more you’re ranked well on keywords with high search volumes, the closer you will be to 1.


How can you see the PerfRank in Myposeo?

This is a good time to create a customized report ? because the PerfRank is only available in our reporting tool. Please take a look at our video which has recently been remade, to find out how to create customized reports.

For those of you who use dashboarding in our tool, you will find the indicator from the block version in the “positioning” data source in 2 variants:

  • PerfRank Global: The indicator calculation includes positioned keywords + unposted keywords. We take into account the keywords tracked which are not set on your website. This inevitably lowers the score because unposted keywords have a lowest index (score of 100).
  • PerfRank: The indicator calculation only includes ranked keywords. The PerfRank will automatically be better than the PerfRank Global because it only takes into account ranked keywords.

Below, in the report tool, editing a data block using the PerfRank as the selected indicator:


Below, a PerfRank report displaying the scorecard and evolution curve over a period of a week.


A PerfRank score of 24.04 is quite acceptable. Let’s add a small table of our high-volume keywords to this. You could understand what’s required to increase your PerfRank score.


Going a little further …

It’s worth mentioning that 2 other indicators have emerged as a result of developing the PerfRank, namely search volume for keywords ranked and search volume for unposted keywords. Useful for looking at lost volumes due to not being ranked.

It’s also interesting to note that the PerfRank is available on a “group” level, which will allow you to visualize and differentiate the performance of your groups of keywords. (Note the KPI attendance rate top 3! it is also in Top 1 if needed).


Let’s play !

In addition because we’re nice:

If you are a real Ninja of Myposeo reports, you will notice that it is possible to reverse the score of the PerfRank so that the best score to reach is 100 and not 1. This can be done in the indicator version itself by ticking the option “display the difference between the indicator and the total”.


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