A new version of the customized reporting tool


Migrate your reports into the new customized reporting interface!

All of our tools are regularly updated to always offer you the latest improvements that respond to your needs and objectives.

Today, we are very pleased to announce that we’ve redesigned our customized reporting tool to make creating reports even easier!

We plan to migrate your existing reports before giving you access to the new customized reporting tool. But don’t panic! To ensure you find your way around without too much difficulty, we’ve tried to answer all the potential questions you may have in this article.

What’s going to change?

The report editing function has been completely redesigned

Previously a report was made up of divisible lines in columns (across a width of up to 12) where you could insert blocks of data.

Now, the technique is much simpler and allows you to make a much more flexible layout where you can choose the size of your blocks:


You can stretch blocks to make them the size you want, position them more easily using the drag and drop function or use the arrows on your keyboard.

The potential impact on old reports displayed in the new version


How will old reports be displayed?

We have anticipated the maximum number of possible configurations so that you can visualize your reports with a similar layout. However please be aware that block layouts may not be 100% identical to old versions.

During migration, the system is not able to predict table sizes. So, block displays below tables can therefore be modified before carrying out the migration.

If you notice anomalies that you cannot resolve by editing your report, please make a ticket request to the online support service. State the relevant report’s ID reference and a technician will then quickly take action.

What impact will there be on managing my data?

There will be no impact on your data. The only impact will be on editing reports and changes to the interface.

Will I be able to go back to the old version?

The old version is no longer available and you won’t be able to access it.

We hope you’ll like all these improvements and we’d love to hear your feedback!

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