Update of our SEM Analysis tool

Here are the 3 major modifications made to this tool.

1 – Graphic redesign

  • New design and tree structure

In order to have a clearer workspace, we decided to do a graphical redesign of the tool. There are therefore fewer bright colours to make room for more sober and legible colours. The tree structure has also been modified for clarity and readability. The interface is more ergonomic.


The search bar has been moved to the top of the page and now takes the entire length of the interface. This bar can be found by navigating from tab to tab.


2 – Technical changes

New database

On the previous version, the SEM analysis made it possible to analyze the French market among more than 15 million keywords. Today, the number of keywords in the database has doubled. The tool thus makes it possible to analyze the French market among 30 million qualitative and relevant keywords. This will of course evolve further, but we will come back to it.

Keyword history

You can now access the statistics history of each keyword for the last 12 months. This allows you to track the evolution of each expression’s ranking for your site, monthly, over the last 12 months. Data retention is performed for the entire database.

Optimized loading speed

Following the migration of the platform and various technical modifications, the data display in the interface is instantaneous. Our new array system is also extremely fluid and intuitive.

3 – Unique new data analysis features

Competitors, domain / sub-domain / subfolders

With the SEM analysis, you can now aggregate data by domain globally and for each sub-domain. Just specify the url of the site, example:

  • www.rueducommerce.fr to analyze this subdomain
  • *. rueducommerce.fr to analyze the domain.

The “*” character tells the tool to aggregate data by domain. This allows you to know the Total visibility that all subdomains of a domain can have. And that’s not all, you can now compare your SEO and SEA data on the same SEM view. This makes it possible to know the share of traffic from each of the levers, as well as their cumulation!


Search by sublevel

With this new feature, it is now possible to search for keywords of a specific theme. For example, on the Butagaz site, you can search the keywords of the page with the theme “se chauffer” which is a level 1:


The keywords are thus obtained only from categories, but above all from global statistics, level by level.

Pre-filters for keywords

A pre-filter system has been added and allows you to create your own view. To do this, create a filter and click on the “Save” button.


You then save this view by giving it a name, description and icon.


You will find this view in the tab “Custom Views”.


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