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Audit SEO indicateurs

The SEO audit tool collects data from up to 10 search engine results pages. This process allows you to perform a competitive analysis of which of the audited keywords is best referenced.

In order to refine this analysis and weight the results based on the potential of each keyword, we have enriched the indicators linked to queries from your list.

In addition to the monthly search volume, it is now possible to measure the relevance of a query based on:

  1. The search volume history trend
  2. The variation in this trend
  3. SEO physical coverage that allows you to view the space left to SEO results on the first result page
  4. Physical coverage SEO <800px allows you to view the space left to SEO results above the line

In your audit, these new indicators are available in views:

audit seo vue mots-cles

Audit SEO Mots cles auditesaudit seo vue serps

audit seo taux couverture


In this table, the tool displays the distribution of results like Google, universal search, SEAs and SEO results.

Above the line and for the entire first page of results

Details of the indicators:
– Trend:

Each bar represents the search volume of a month. When you hover over it, the month and corresponding value appear. At a glance you can see the search volume for your keyword over 12 months.
– Trend variation:
This indicator displays the variation coefficient of the historic trend of the search volume. It was developed initially to see if user requests vary over a period of 12 months, and will be simplified in the future.
– SEO physical coverage:
This gauge shows the physical coverage of the first SERP of the keyword.
– SEO physical coverage:

This gauge shows the physical coverage of the keyword above the line, that is placed at 800px here.

Other developments are in the pipeline re: indicators, format and, more globally, the interface. We will keep you informed of developments on this page.

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