Activating new Detailed SEO Tracking


Simple SEO Tracking and Detailed SEO Tracking

Simple tracking: one line item

Simple SEO Tracking allows you to analyse 10 pages of depth in order to collect the most relevant result. This result is issued as part of your position ranking, for example if you are sixth, you will listed as being in sixth place.


Simple SEO Tracking also allow you to identify the best-ranked website. This means that, for any given keyword, we retrieve the top site and your best-ranked site.


Simple Tracking therefore allows you to track the position of your best ranking.

Nevertheless, you may have other, more complex rankings, especially with the arrival of ubiquitous search and a number of different search engine triggers. In other words, you could have two pages ranked differently based on two different search models (universal and natural search).

If, therefore, your aim is to consolidate your visit web reporting to gain an insight into the two positions; for example, if you are included in a Google Image result or an organic result, and you want to consolidate the data into a report. But how can you assess your ranking when you get two results pages from a single expression?

This need is what inspired the development of SEO tracking that is referred to as detailed/competitive tracking.

Detailed/competitive tracking: comprehensive ranking coverage

  • Collection of all search engine rankings

Detailed SEO Tracking allows you to gather all results from all pages, but with only to a depth of three pages (with ten times more results collected).


The aim of this detailed data gathering exercise is to record all rankings across different search engines, and not just the best ranking. In other words, all positions for a particular site will be tracked for any given expression.


  • Retrieving and analysing all competitors’ statistics for the SERP

Detailed SEO Tracking allows you to retrieve your competitors’ ranks on these first three pages. We will have overall competitive ranking indicators against your site, as well as ranks based on topics and themed groups that you create.suivi-detaille-concurrents

Following the same principle as the SEO Audit tool, this will allow you to have an overall insight into your competitors’ positions, and all competing websites, at the same time.

As such, Detailed Tracking not only retrieves the complete set of page ranks for different key words that you choose to track, but also allows you to analyse your competitive position.

Choosing Detailed Tracking

When creating an SEO Tracking project, you can choose between simple tracking (your best ranking) or detailed tracking (all rankings).


Detailed Tracking features the same keyword functionality as Simple SEO Tracking, giving you the option to migrate a project from one option to the other, either by submitting a support request or by creating a new project by entering your keywords.

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