Why is ‘The Fold’ 800 Pixels?

The Myposeo platform uses a value of 800 pixels to determine the height of the fold on Mobile & Desktop.

  1. Why use the same value for different devices?
  2. Why 800 pixels?

1/ Why Use the Same Value for Different Devices?

This is related to the browser window surface: The Viewport.

On mobile phones the behaviour responds to tactile navigation, unlike on desktop which works through a window with scroll bars. 

The two can be distinguished on the basis of two factors: 

  • The physical surface of the screen 
    • The resolution of the device makes a difference to the number of physical pixels of the screen.
  • Area in CSS pixels
    • These are virtual pixels on which a device relies on to manage its display. The [Device-width] & [Device-height] settings make up the area.


When collecting sites’ positions on the SERPs, the Myposeo platform analyses the result pages from simulated pages corresponding to the search engine and device configurations of the selected keywords.

The distance between the top of the page and your site’s ranking, in terms of pixels, are used in the calculations and are therefore those of the viewport since it is the viewport of the devices that manages the display of the data in the browsers.

2 / The dimensions of physical pixels are not necessarily equivalent to those of CSS pixels.

Check out this exhaustive list of the sizes of most device screens on the market today. These correspond to the physical pixel and CSS dimensions. 



Between desktop and mobile (Portrait orientation ) we see that the average is around 800 pixels.

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