Simple, Competitive, Full projects

When creating an SEO tracking project, there are three methods of collecting data: 

Simple Project

The Simple SEO Tracking allows you to collect the best result over a depth of 10 pages. This will show up in your ranking analysis, for example if you are 6th, you will have a 6th position.

The simple SEO Tracking also allows us to retrieve the best site. That is to say that on a keyword, we retrieve the top site and your site on the best position.

Here is how to choose the simple project in Myposeo:


The Simple Tracking allows you to track your best position.

However, you may have other more complex needs, especially with the arrival of universal search and numerous types of results in search engines. Indeed, you may have 2 pages ranked on 2 different levers (universal search + natural).

You therefore want to consolidate your reporting to have the 2 positions: for example: you are present on a Google Image result and on an organic result and you therefore want to integrate the data in a report. But also to arbitrate your ranking when you have 2 pages that come up on an expression.

This need led to the development of an SEO tracking system, which we call detailed/competitive.

Detailed competitive project

  • Collection of all positions

The Competitive/Detailed SEO Tracking allows you to collect all results on all pages but with only 3 pages deep (10 times more results collected).

The objective of this detailed collection is to have all the results that are ranked in the search engines and not only the best position. That is, all the positions of a site that will be tracked for a given expression.

  • Retrieval and analysis of indicators for all competitors in the SERP

The detailed SEO tracking allows you to retrieve the positioning of all competitors on these first 3 pages. For the competitors, we will have global indicators of ranking in relation to the site and which will also be present according to the themes and thematic groups that you have created.

This allows you to have a global visibility of all competitors and all competing sites over time.

Thus, the Detailed Tracking, in addition to recovering the entirety of the ranking that you have on the keywords that you follow, will allow you to have an analysis of the competition.

Here is how to choose the competitive project in Myposeo:


Full Project

The full tracking is the same as the competitive project but in addition you get data on your block position, your position within the results type and also the possibility to include your Google Adwords & Google Shopping positions.



Differences between the 3 data collection methods

  Simple Detailed Full
Data collected and saved Only the best position of the site is tracked (best URL only) All the SEO results collected for all domains present on the SERPs (all urls) All the SEO & PPC results collected for all domains present on the SERPs (all urls)
Block included in the ranking calculation Choice to include each type of Universal Search Result/ blocks in the ranking calculation Choice to include each type of Universal Search Result/ blocks in the ranking calculation All blocks and SERP Features taken into account when calculating your true ranking. You can get the best position for each universal search block
No. of pages browsed Up to a maximum of 10 - Less detail Maximum 3 pages - in-depth data extraction Maximum 3 pages - in-depth data extraction
Filter by type of result No No Yes
SERP snapshot No No


(backup available up to 30 days)

Metric Position Block No No Yes
Metric Position Type No No Yes
Metric Position Yes Yes Yes



Calculating your SERP Ranking:

To calculate and determine your site’s ranking on the SERP, Myposeo collects data from the results pages and includes (if selected) SERP features, blocks, other domains and much more to ensure you get an accurate metric for your ranking,

As you can see, we have different packages of data collection. The package selected will either include certain SERP features or will not, which will affect the calculation of your ranking. It is imperative therefore, that you choose wisely so as to not affect the result and consequent calculation of your ranking.

Please note, the values will not be affected by the type of filters added as these are fixed and will only help you see results in an easier way. The values have already been calculated and your rankings will stay the same. The filters are present for display purposes only.

Metric Position Block :

This is the measurement of the ranking position of the particular SERP or Google block. The following are considered blocks on the SERP and based on your selection of package, are included in the calculation of your true ranking.

  • Paid results
  • Shopping carousel
  • Featured Snippet results
  • Organic results
  • PAA block
  • News block
  • Video block
  • Images block
  • Recipes block
  • Google ‘Find Results On’ block

Metric Position Type:

The measurement of the Ranking only for one Type of result.

Metric Position:

The measurement of the Ranking of each of the results detected in the SERP. 


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