How to synchronize myposeo and Google Analytics?

Baptiste Hottin -

Provided you have the Google Analytics option, myposeo allows you to connect your SEO tracking projects with your Google Analytics accounts.

1/ Access to configuration

In the SEO rank tracking tool, click on the configuration icon of the project concerned.


 2/ Access to configuration
At the bottom of the project configuration page, click on "Synchronize Google Analytics".
3/ Account authorization
Select or authorize the Gmail account associated with the Analytics you want to synchronize.
4. Project selection - View - Property

Once the Gmail account is authorized, choose the Analytics account, view and property to link to the monitoring project.

Note: Account lists, views and properties are automatically detected once the gmail account is authorized in the previous step.


5. Selection of indicators

Choose the Analytics metrics whose data you want to include in your reports and save.


6. The link is now active

If you wish, you can modify the configuration if necessary by clicking on "Edit Google Analytics".



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