How to Format your Data for a Keyword Import

For bulk keyword imports, you could use a CSV or Excel sheet to import all the keywords at once. But you need to follow a certain format so the platform can read the data properly and add the data into the correct fields.

The format to be followed is as follows:


You can also download an example file from here:


  • Keyword group: the name of the keyword group to which the keyword will belong
  • Keywords: your keywords that you want to track
  • Engines: the search engine that will be scanned (google / bing / yahoo)
  • Country: the country you wish to collect the data from 
  • Language: language of the country you want to optimise for

  • Note:  A list of Search Engines/ Country / Languages is available from the following page: 

    If you enter a search engine that does not exist, the keywords will not be added.

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