How is a Domain’s Estimated Traffic calculated?

To calculate a domain’s estimated traffic, the following is taken into account:

  1. Search volume and traffic generated on a selected keyword
  2. Click thru rate (CTR) of the domain’s position/ ranking on the selected keyword, on the results page. 

The formula:

CTR of site’s ranking on selected keyword  *  Search volume of Selected Keyword 

Below is a guide of the average CTR a site will receive if it ranks in the following positions on a keyword, on the results page:

Position 1: 16,9%

Position 2: 13,3%

Position 3: 11,2%

Position 4: 9,7%

Position 5: 8,6%

Position 6: 7,7%

Position 7: 6,9%

Position 8: 6,2%

Position 9: 5,6%

Position 10: 5,63%

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