How to Change My Plan

You can completely modify your current offer in case your needs in terms of tools (SEM analysis - Audit - Monitoring) and/or consumables (Keywords / Credits) evolve.

Let's take the example of a concrete case:

Let's say you have subscribed to a 3-month subscription for the SEO rank tracking tool with 150 keywords.
You realize after the first month that you need more keywords.

1 - Go to your account at this address: and click on < Plans management >


2 - Once on the summary page of your current offer, click on < Upgrade my offer >.


3 - Then you only have to renew your offer with the options you need.

Important note:

Since in this case you will not have consumed your entire old offer, the amount of the pro rata refund from your old offer will be directly calculated, displayed and subtracted from the amount of your new offer.


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