How to automate the sending of a report?

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This feature is available in the Report tool.

In order to create a sending click on "schedule a report" in the action bar.



Step 1


Then, it is necessary to attach a report. Click on the "Attach a report" button and select your different sending settings:

Format: PDF or CSV format.

Choose the CSV only if your report contains tables.
The graphics are not compatible with the CSV format and will not be displayed.

You can add up to 4 reports per shipment:


E-mail configuration:

Recipient: Enter the recipient's e-mail address. In case of multiple recipients, separate each email with a comma ex:,, ...

The advanced options allow you to use the following fields:

CC: E-mail address you wish to put in visible copy

CCi: E-mail address you wish to put in hidden copy

Sender: Sender's e-mail address, by default

You have the possibility to customise the sender via SMTP configuration


Send by e-mail:

The "Sending test" button allows you to test the sending.
CAUTION: this test does not generate the files. It is simply a test to verify the shipment.

Save a template:

This button allows you to save the mail or FTP upload settings only for quick reuse in another programming.
CAUTION: It is necessary to continue the configuration to save your global sending with the other parameters (choice of reports + choice of frequency etc...)

Configuration on FTP / sFTP:

For FTP upload, the "Server name", "User name" and "Password" fields are required while the "Folder" field allows you to specify the folder where you want to upload your file.
Note that it is possible to test the proper functioning of FTP by clicking on the "SENDING TEST" button. Send this report on my server". A test file is then sent to the server.

Here is an example of a configuration for sending in sFTP from a template:


If you need to send your report without waiting for the deadline related to your programming, you can do so from the list of your scheduled reports:

Click on the action column (3 point menu) > choose "Send now" > reports are generated and sent instantly.



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