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How Often is SEM Analysis Data Updated?

The SEM analysis data comes from Myposeo’s database of 30 Million keywords that is updated every month for SEO and PPC. It is possible that some keywords get updated every day, depending on the relevance of the keyword.

Why are the Domains Found by Myposeo Different from Search Results?

The SEM analysis data is updated every month so it is possible that the data may be different from the data you can see on the search engine.

For this reason, we display the date on which the Myposeo platform scanned the search engine so you get an idea of how recent the data collected is.

Keywords Ranking History

The SEM analysis data comes from Myposeo’s existing database of 30 Million keywords, It is updated every month for SEO and PPC. 

We use the current month's rankings to calculate traffic and ranking indicators each month. At the end of the month, the ranking data is logged to make way for new data for the current month.

Why isn't my site in the SEM Analysis?

The tool tells you that your site is not in our database?


The market analysis tool works like this:

We have a database of 30 million (French) keywords that we query 1x per month on (only for the moment)
The tool automatically analyses all adwords and natural results on the 1st page of results.

If your site does not appear in our database, this means that :

  • Either it is not ranked on the 1st page for the keywords in our database
  • Or it is not ranked at all on the keywords in our database

Keywords Not Appearing in Database

The site may be too new or not ranked yet. It is also possible that the keywords for a site are not in our database.

How to Find Keywords

The Market Analysis module works in the following way: 

The Myposeo platform has 30 million keywords in the database, and we scan the Google search engine on those 30 million every month and on the first page. We collect all results from the 1st page of Google.

By doing a reverse directory system, we can know which keywords from the database trigger the domain as a result on the SERP.

This module allows you to identify trends between your site and other sites to compare them on a 30 million keywords database. It is not necessarily representative of the global traffic generated.

Why does Myposeo’s Estimated Traffic Not Match Google?

For new sites (monthly update) or very unique niches, our platform may not display monthly traffic trends.It should also be noted that some KPIs on the Myposeo platform, particularly information related to "traffic" are not absolute values but trends.

Scan Date

The scan date is the date on which the platform analysed the search query. The Market Analysis module updates its database once a month.

If a site is triggered on a keyword while it is present on the results page, remember to check the keyword scan date to make sure it is close to the verification date.

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