Interface presentation

Baptiste Hottin -

The user management interface allows you to add / modify / delete access rights for users to your account data.
The interface initially displays a list of users/administrators created on your account.


There are 2 types of users:

Administrators: Users with all rights to read and write to your myposeo account, except billing and account renewal.

Users: Users that can be customized in access to tools and projects in your account.


The table is composed of the following columns:

Email : User's email

Company: Company to which the user belongs, optional fields

Type: Account type, user or administrator

Allocated keywords: Quota of keywords allocated to this user

Keywords used: Number of keywords currently used

Allocated credits: Quota of credits allocated to this user

Remaining credits: Number of credits remaining to this user

Credits consumed: Number of credits consumed by this user since the beginning of the account



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