How to properly set up a project in SEO tracking?

Baptiste Hottin -

The myposeo tool takes into account different types of websites:

- monitoring of a main domain and its subdomains

- monitoring of a domain folder

- monitoring of a page of a website in the strict sense.

Each project configuration must then be adapted. You can make this setting in 2 different places.

In the list of projects, by simply clicking on "Edit":


Then once you have entered a project, by clicking on the configuration icon to the right of your project name.


1- Project taking into account your sub-domains

This option, as its name suggests, allows you to track the positioning of all the subdomains associated with a domain. Myposeo then takes care of finding the best position for the domain and then displays it in the interface.

If the url found is of the type, no matter what prefix is found instead of "XX", the tool will consider that the site is present in the search engine.

To monitor a site and its subdomains, you must enter your domain without the "WWW" and tick the option taken into account for the subdomains in the project configuration section.



I am the positioning of the site but I also want to know the positioning of my sub-domains & & are subdomains of and not of

2- Monitoring Project from a folder

This option allows you to take into account the positioning of a site by applying a restriction per folder. If the exact url does not start with the specified folder, the tool will consider that the site is not positioned.


I am the positioning of the website and I want to take into account the positioning of the pages starting with the "clients/" folder.

Just add the project without any additional option.

Note: This configuration can be coupled with the consideration of a subdomain provided that the WWWs are not put in front and that the consideration of domains is checked. In this case, myposeo will find all the subdomains of starting with the produits/

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